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You are entering a space in which you are the main actor. You will be able to test, share and enjoy unique digital experiences designed by researchers and designers.

playing the scenario in which you are the hero

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testing the community administration application

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“Neither science fiction nor forecasting, foresight is defined as the production and use of reasoned approaches of the future to guide present action. The aim is to streamline future approaches to help in decision-making. This <x>perience space is where likely futures are materialized through scenarios, studies, artifacts and experiments.”

Innovation at b<>com

Technology nowadays only makes sense if it provides solutions to tomorrow's major societal challenges. We need to collectively question our future needs and uses, and place environmental and societal issues and impacts at the heart of our innovations.

From the outset, our ambition has been to innovate for the common good. Our aim is to become a reference in combining research, innovation and sustainable development. We are taking a forward-looking approach, drawing on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to guide our technology roadmap, our research and technology design.

Foresight at b<>com

Foresight is what guides our roadmap and our framework for innovation. For example, we are looking at ways to shape a sustainable digital future by 2040, with a clear objective: to accelerate environmental and digital transition and to foster organizational resilience.
The wide-ranging skills of experts and researchers in the fields of digital technology, design and human and social sciences intersect and confront each other to envision and collectively build sustainable digital futures.

During a research project, b<>com formed a partnership with Imprudence, a design fiction studio. “From the very first meeting, we realized that we could do great things together! Our collaboration took shape around the forward-looking <echoes> project, which explores sustainable digital technology by 2040. Among the many avenues of research envisaged, our role was to carry out a design fiction exercise to envision a sustainable digital future in 20 years’ time,” explains Julien Tauvel, CEO of Imprudence.

Martin Ragot, chercheur en sciences cognitives

Martin Ragot

Cognitive Science Researcher

Technology only makes sense if it helps us address tomorrow's major societal challenges, and sustainable innovation allows us to collectively question our future needs and uses.
Julien Tauvel, co-fondateur d’Imprudence

Julien Tauvel

Co-Founder of Imprudence

Design fiction is not intended to deliver self-fulfilling prophecies. It’s a critical field, which allows us to explore other visions of the future and to give ourselves the means to act.

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playing the scenario in which you are the hero

What will yours be? 12 interactive scenarios of possible sustainable digital futures.
These scenarios are introduced by 6 questions that will require you to make crucial decisions!



mapping technologies in 2040

It is impossible to predict a single future, but it is possible to map a series of possible futures. Discover the map of technologies in 2040.



testing the community administration application

The scenarios of the 12 possible digital worlds envisioned by the researchers have been brought to life in the form of artifacts: new digital uses and services that could emerge in 2040. This application is the result of the "living in digital archipelagos” scenario which advocates a new way of living together.



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